• Personal testimony from a struggling college student

    While I was in college I was constantly broke and desperately searching for any way to make extra money from home. Like any smart person I googled "ways to make money on the side." I found several websites where I could get paid for surveys, get paid to participate in free sample offers, as well as get paid to read emails and watch videos. 

    I wasn't sure which or if these websites were even legit so I tried out a coupleAfter evaluating my experiences I focused on the companies with the best opportunities that still offered fun surveys so that it didn't feel like work. I based my decisions on two simple catagories; what I had to invest (time, effort, ect.) and what i got in return (money, products, ect.). 

    I stuck with Cashcrate & Swagbucks because they work with a wider variety of business research, marketing, and analytics panels to maintain competitive pricing while aggregating your earnings to one account. Besides being able to get paid for surveys, you can get paid to watch videos, read emails, playing games, and complete offers, making it easy to reach the payout limit. For example I completed a trivia quiz about television (I didn't do very good) and registered to receive a free dessert cookbook and a marvel comic book and earned extra money while doing it. When I got my first check I felt happy and accomplished!

    Don't just take my word for it, check out Cashcrate's payment wall and see thousands of other people earning extra money from home. Swagbucks has payed out over $25 million since 2005 and has a public feedback section, as well as videos of payment proof.

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