• Increasing traffic to a blog/site

    Increasing traffic to a website or blog has tons of benefits, and there are many ways to go about it. More traffic helps increase Ad sense earnings, amount of referrals, you and your businesses reputation, and more.

    There are websites that facilitate increasing traffic through exchange based point systems. Earn points by interacting with users on social media by following, liking, viewing, favoriting, retweeting, subscribing, ect, and pay users to like, view, follow, add, retweet, subscribe, ect. your website or social media.

    A few examples:

    1. addmefast : A free, exchange-based networking website. Buy points if you want, choose how many views a day you want and to which webpages. Has a referral program to help you earn points. Easy to earn points and has lots of users.

    2. traffup : Also a free, exchange-based networking website. This one is limited to website views, twitter follows, and twitter retweets. Has a referral program to help you earn points. Buy points if you want.

    Starting out with websites like these, You can increase traffic significantly and if you put time in you can do it without buying any points.
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