• Make the most of your time online

    After taking surveys for several years online I've learned a few things about how to maximize your earnings from paid surveys online. These tips are in no particular order but are lessons that will be useful:

    • Never pay to join a survey site. There are tons of legitimate, paying, survey panel companies that offer completely free services. You should be skeptical of any website asking for money upfront.

    • Make and/or use a separate email from your personal email for completing offers and surveys. This helps stay organized so that you can keep track of which websites you have registered with and which surveys you have completed while keeping your personal email organized. 

    • Different strategies may work best for each survey company/website so experiment when you aren't getting the results you desire. Be persistent and remember stick to what works for you.

    • Find survey panels that are interesting with fun surveys so that you don't lose your interest or your mind when taking them. There are several companies out there so shop around and find one that fits your interests.

    • Keep your demographic information updated and consistent so that you get qualified for new surveys as well as surveys that you may be interested in. Staying consistent ensures that you remain qualified throughout the survey and will help ensure completion. For example; there are a large amount of surveys about new Tablets and Smart Phones.

    • Read reviews about any survey or get paid to website you are considering. Before spending your valuable time learn about the survey panel you are thinking of participating in. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • If taking surveys is not your thing that's okay! Many survey companies don't just offer paid surveys online, but they allow users to get paid to read emails, watch videos, complete sample offers, and give cashback for shopping. Shop around for the get paid to method that works for you when looking to ways to earn money on the side.
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