• Affiliate Programs

    Aside from the potential to get paid for surveys, Cashcrate and
    Swagbucks offer affiliate programs that reward you for sharing and inviting others to get paid to read emails, complete offers, watch videos, and shop!

    Cashcrate rewards you with up to 30% of earnings from primary referrals and 20% from secondary referrals at the elite tier. Base members start at 20% of primary and 10% of secondary referrals' earnings.

    Inviting friends and followers has extra benefits because of affiliate bonuses!
    • Get $3.00 when your referral earns their first $10.00
    • Option to get $1.00 for every active referral you get instead of $3.00 when your referrals earn their first $10
    • Get paid on the 1st instead of the 15th, also direct deposit becomes available
    Swagbucks rewards you with 10% of earnings from all referrals. While not as high of a percentage, having another source to get paid for surveys, get paid to read emails, watch videos, and play games means potentially better options for your friends and followers in the form of a fun survey or more money as a reward.

    How do i get referrals?
    This is where creativity pays off. Find friends, followers, and colleagues who would be interested in the ability to make extra money from home. Here's a few basic ideas:

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    • create a blog or website
    • reach thousands on social networks
    • people love images and videos
    • comment on online forums. put your link in your signature
    • flyers, posters, papers
    • be friendly, engaging, and persistent.
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